Patients With Power... Patients With Choices

We envision a world where patients are informed participants in the cancer care process, able to work fully with health care providers to determine the best course of action for their unique circumstances and preferences. We seek both to educate and engage patients, and to enhance communication between patients and their health care teams.



Understanding treatment options when dealing with cancer can be confusing and stressful. For newly diagnosed patients, PatientsWithPower provides a free, online tool to learn about their disease and choose a course of action that is right for them.


Healthcare Providers

Putting the patient first. It's what healthcare providers aspire to, but the tools they'€™re given sometimes make achieving this goal harder than it should be. PatientsWithPower provides an intuitive survivorship care planning tool that makes it quick and easy to provide patients with the information they need to face the challenges of life after primary treatment.