PatientsWithPower is...

a cloud-service company dedicated to helping cancer patients make informed decisions and truly collaborate with health care providers. We look at both sides of the equation - Patient and Provider - enhancing understanding and communication to produce the best possible outcome. For additional information, contact us at

PatientsWithPower currently offers two products, both based on the same intuitive technology.

For patients, we offer a tool to help newly diagnosed patients navigate the maze of cancer treatment options. Using PatientsWithPower, they're able to make informed decisions that meet their individual needs.

For health-care providers, we offer a tool to create Survivorship Care Plans, a key part of helping patients just out of primary treatment navigate the road ahead. The Survivorship Care Plan (SCP) is part of the growing field of patient-centered medicine, and its creation is required for ACoS/Commission on Cancer accreditation in 2015.

Our Founders

Bill Guthrie

Bill's passion for helping cancer patients emerged in 2008 when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Motivated by their overwhelming experience navigating the tough treatment decisions, he applied his software technology background to conceive applications that will help millions of cancer patients navigate their own journeys.

Bill received BSEE and BSME degrees summa cum laude from NC State University and an MBA from Harvard University.

Gloria Webster

Gloria is a people-focused innovator of progressive business solutions to thorny, multifaceted problems, globally and locally. Her negotiation/complex decision analysis background helps Cancer patients better manage and maximize the quality of their healthcare. Having lost her father to Cancer, this isn’t just professional for Gloria: it’s personal.

Gloria holds degrees from Harvard University (MPA2, Dively fellow) and UNC-Chapel Hill (Morehead Scholar).